Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sat and Sun

What a weekend! On Saturday, all 4 (me, sista, mom and grams) of us spent the day together shopping and eating. We headed over to Metrotown cos grams needed a new outfit for her big party on Friday. But first, my sister needs her Hong Kong tea so we decided to have lunch at The Boss. She needs her HK style tea every day! I cannot keep eating out like this, I'm going to gain all the weight I've lost in these past few weeks!! Oh well, I guess I can lose the weight after since my sis leaves cos she is only here every 10 years. After lunch, we headed over to The Bay so grams could look for her new outfit but she didn't find anything. Instead she bought a nice pair of "modern" dress pants (straight legged, all her pants are tapered) on sale and almost bought a jacket but it was a size too large. Since we were at Metrotown and grams needed to replace her black shoes, we walked over to A Step Ahead to pick out a new pair of shoes. I wanted to buy them for her but she would not allow it, I have not thought of what to buy for her birthday altho I think I'll just give her lucky money. Mom and sister did not end up with anything, I bought a couple of cute camera bags for Kay and myself at Blacks Photography - both on sale 1/2 priced! Once we were done at Metro, we headed over to the pet stores on Grandview cos my sister wanted to pick up a foldable metal cage for her small dogs in Hong Kong. While we were shopping, auntie inge called mom and she somehow invited herself over for dinner. I didn't really want to go to dinner but my sister convinced me to keep her company. We headed home to meet auntie and while they were upstairs chit chatting, my sister kept sneaking down to my suite to get away from our aunt! Good thing we were going to a good restaurant for dinner or I would have been miserable! After dinner, I was hoping we would head straight home but auntie inge invited and treated us to gelato. She kept saying how great La Casa Gelato is and how my sister had to have it while in Vancouver. I was much too full for gelato and declined the treat but grams gave me half of her gelato cos she can't finished a whole scoop. Of all the 218 flavours in the store, my sister went with vanilla! But we had just finished dinner and how can one eat right after a huge meal?? After gelato, we headed home and while aunt, grams, and mom watched a movie, my sister stayed downstairs with me. We talked about life and mom, mostly how mom and I fight and have our spats. All 3 of us are quite similar and she gave me some advice on how to handle mom and our fights. I will take it in consideration and be more sensitive towards my mom cos she is our mother and the advice is from my big sister. We decided it was probably a safe call to head back upstairs afte 1am cos they were probably done with the movie. We stayed upstairs and chatted with mom before calling it a nite.

On Sunday, we went out for dim sum with my sister's friend friend/hubby from HK who have been in Vancouver for 3 years. My sister had introduced them last week and hoped the two of them could be friends cos both have a lot in common. I didn't really like the dim sum at the restaurant (can't remember the name but it's on Main and 29th?) and the conversations at the table were interesting but boring. I couldn''t really follow much of it cos they were speaking way too fast. After dim sum, we (minus hubby) headed home cos they were going to play mahjong and I decided it would be a good day to run my errands. Plus I really didn't want to eat the take out from Kent's kitchen (their dinner) so I headed over to Superstore to pick up fruits, veggies and SALAD. I spent most of the day watching TV, playing with Ginger and visiting upstairs (during their mahjong breaks). But the nite is almost over and now it's time to head off to pick up Kay. I can't believe my sister is only here for 7 more days and my mom's sister (yee mah) and my cousin (bui jei) is coming tomorrow! I am not looking forward to having 7 women under 1 roof with only 4 bathrooms and I'm sure once they arrive, this visit will go by much quicker than I want it to. I'm def going to visit HK next year so I can see my sister . It already makes me sad thinking she's got only one week left in Vancouver!

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