Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama's Day Meal

Finally! Kay and I had our mama's day meal. During the afternoon, I decided to do a bit of shopping on my own cos I needed some time to myself plus Kay had a homework group date at 3pm. I headed over to Oakridge, Ikea, Future Shop, Lansdowne Mall and then back to Oakridge to pick up Kay once she was finished. At Oakridge, I dropped Kay off at the library and picked up a coffee at Starbucks, walked around the shopping centre - found nothing, Ikea, I picked up a few items that I have been meaning to pick up, Future Shop I returned an item I found less expensive online, Lansdowne Mall I went to Home Outfitters, JYSK and Zellers to find a TV foldaway tray table (for my laptop and dinner in front of the TV) and back to Oakridge (Starbucks on Cambie/39th) to pick up Kay before heading home. Kay picked up a $25 GC for Starbucks which I really appreciated but insisted that she should pay for 1/2 of dinner instead. I gave her $25 back and headed over to the Tipper on Kingsway for dinner cos we missed brunch this morning. We ordered a few items to share and I had a glass of red wine and Kay an iced tea. We talked about school and life, it was a really nice way end the day since we had such a bad morning. But I'm happy to have whatever amount of time I can get with her. Altho next year, she'll have to give me the entire day :)

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