Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Back BFF

Today, I spent the day with Rhoda cos she came in early this morning (4am) from her trip (stagette that I missed out on) from Las Vegas and Miami. She had planned to go into work but couldn't make the all nighter, what a crazy girl! I can't believe she was planning on an all nighter! Since my yee mah wanted to shop all day and I really didn't want to, I decided to head over to Rhoda's and hear all about her trip. What a trip it was, I really missed a great time! Oh well, there will be other chances for us to go on trips. Rhoda did some shopping and she got some great stuff altho she missed out on some great deals on a couple pair of shoes due to none in her size but she did pick up a great gift for me :) Hello Kitty Las Vegas t-shirt! So cute lah, can't wait to wear it! Rhoda had to drop off the rental car in Surrey before we headed over for dim sum in Richmond. After dropping off the rental, saying our hellos to Travis, we headed off to Richmond for dim sum but to our surprise the restaurant was closed as in forever. Oh no, what to do next? We decided to have HK style tea and lunch - yet again but it's ok, it's nice to try new HK restaurants and Rhoda/mum don't order super greasy dishes. This place wasn't too bad but I didn't like the HK tea - not as yummy as The Boss. After lunch, we headed back to Burnaby but got stuck in rush hour traffic on the Knight street bridge, I didn't realize rush hour started so early, it wasn't even 4 yet! Back in Burnaby, Rhoda and I headed over to Brentwood mall so she could pick up the week's supply of fruits for herself and off to Metrotown cos I needed new runners for running. I'm wearing out my Nike shox, I didn't want to wear them out anymore cos I love'em. This pair is really cool and I won't be able to replace these ones in those colours (pink and silver). We went through most of Metrotown before finding a pair of Asics Gel Stratus 2.1 in purple - really pretty colours on sale for $109.99 from 129.99 at SportChek. I also picked up a basketball jersey for my nephew cos he wanted my sister to pick one up for him. Now I need to figure out what to pick out for my niece but I will probably end up giving her a lucky red envelope. While browsing for runners, I had my eye on a pair of Nike Shox but the ones I tried on were not comfy and I didn't want to spend $150 on a pair of runners that looked great but didn't feel great. Rhoda picked up a few items at UB and Sirens, I picked up two cute lacy tank tops at Smart Set for $19 each. After our shopping, we decided it was time to head back for dinner (almost 8pm!). When I got home, my family was still at home waiting for my sister and mom to wake up from their nap. I was invited to join them for dinner but politely declined as I did not want to eat out again and I had a nice salad waiting for me. After dinner and some weekly TV, Kay and Tash came home from Metro and Kay decided to colour her hair with Tash's help. Before calling it a nite, I drove Tash home and picked up a duo chocolate decadence cake from Max's Bakery....mmm.... great way to end a great day!

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