Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

Tonite, we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday! I can't believe she's 90, she doesn't look or act like 90, people always assume she is much younger and I always tell her she's not a day over 60 :)

In the afternoon, we had to run errands like pick up her fresh mango birthday cake from Michele Cake House in Kerrisdale and pick up 6 bottles of red wine from the liquor store. Grams headed to Red Star Seafood Restaurant earlier cos she had mahjong games starting at 3pm. Dinner was to start at 8pm which gives her a few hours to play mahjong with her friends. After picking up the cake and liquor and dropping it off at the restaurant, most of the afternoon was gone so mom wanted to head home to get ready for the dinner party and she wanted me to drive yee mah and bui jei to Superstore. Mom didn't want to do any more walking or shopping so my sister and I dropped them off at Superstore first and we headed over to a HK style tea house for some tea and a snack, knowing 8pm dinner is not an 8pm start. Finishing our mini meal and tea, 45 minutes later, we headed back to Superstore to pick up my yee mah and bui jei but they weren't done shopping!! After 30 minutes and a buggy full of snacks for humans and dogs, we headed towards the check out so we could get back to the house and get ready for dinner.

Once we arrived home, we all started to get ready and can you believe that 3 of us had to share one small bathroom? Ohmy! We managed cos we were finished first before the rest of them so my sis and I left with the party favours and wine first. At the restaurant, we booked a small room to hold the dinner and I wasn't impressed with the size or the set up of the room. Dinner started at 8 and we arrived a bit earlier to set up and greet people as they came. It wasn't a very large room and there were 3 tables of mahjong and no room to mingle. I def would not go back there to throw a dinner party! Mahjong finishing up, the wait staff started to set up the tables and we started to arrange the seating for everyone. One table for Gram's friends, one table for grams and the elders, and the last table was for us - young'ens! As people settled into their seats, my yee mah and bui jei wanted my grams to make her first slice in the b'day cake (and take photos) before serving dinner as they wanted to include the cake with the dessert at the end. Once photos and cake slicing was done, we started our 10 course meal that's what it felt like anyways! During the meal, we had Kay and my Uncle Alex take photos and boy did my Uncle Alex enjoy taking the photos! I didn't get too many photos on my camera but hopefully, I'll get the ones off Kay's cam. I do not have even one photo of my grandma in my camera, well not a good one anyways. The food being served by the restaurant was not too bad but not the greatest Chinese food I've had. But as long as our grams was happy, we were all happy and boy was she happy. She had a great birthday and she really enjoyed herself. It was the best 90th birthday party ever! Happy 90th birthday Grams! (and we'll do it again in 10 years!)

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