Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make A Wish

"I'd rather be drinking a bellini"

Tonite, Kay and I headed over to Cactus Club in Burnaby to have dessert for a good cause and to make a wish :) It was so nice to sit and enjoy dessert with Kay. It's so strange to me that she is becoming such a lovely young lady even tho I will always see her as my baby girl. Gosh, can't believe how quickly time flies ....

Kay as always, ordered her apple pie with ice cream on the side - she does not like hot and cold on the same plate, she is so silly - warm apple pie with ice cream is the best! I ordered the trio dessert cos I wanted a little bit of everything altho I probably should have stuck with just the apple pie instead :( Cos I think I will be up until midnite with all the sugar in the chocolate and cheesecake! It was a great nite just chillin with my baby girl :) She's such a cool chica! Cherishing every single second I have with her cos I'm sure these "dates" will be less often as she turns 15... Gosh I can't believe it! 15 in 6 days!!!


peachy said...

Kay looks so grown up i hope you had a nice meal.

Joss said...

Almost 15?! My goodness, how long have I been reading your blog? :) Congrats to Kay! The dessert looks yummy and I always make that mistake too of having too much sugar late at night... but it's hard to resist, right?