Saturday, April 04, 2009

Granville Island

What a lovely sunny day we had today in Vancity! It is so nice to have such lovely spring weather and it was very warm this afternoon. We had such a beautiful day, I decided it would be a great day to head over to Granville Island. Rhoda needed to get out of the house and wanted me to be keep her from going to sleep too early (still jet lagged from HK) so we hung out for the day (which we haven't done in a while or since she's been back!). Wow, GI was soooo busy, traffic bumper to bumper but it was worth the wait cos once we arrived, the first stop was the GI market cos there are a lot of yummy edible items are sold. I bought a couple of pineapples from Maui (usually it's from Costa Rica or Mexico - those are not as sweet) and loaves of bread from Terra Breads. After an hour and half of walking around, we decided to drive over to Yaletown to do some more walking and window shopping. We have also been meaning to stop in at Gateau Lingerie which is owned by a friend of a friend. Nice designer lingerie but priced a bit more than what I would want to pay. Yaletown wasn't as busy as Granville Island and we walked through Yaletown within an hour so we decided to go to the new London Drugs on Cambie and Broadway. I picked up some natural shampoo and conditioner for HonHon's place cos it's getting to be a pain to bring all my bath stuff to his place after my swim. We quickly did a browse through LD and decide to head back to my place so I could prep dinner. A fun filled day and we might go for dessert with Jess later tonite. I love dessert!

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