Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Army & Navy Shoe Sale

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This morning, we (Kay and I) got up early (5.45am) to meet Rhoda and Jess for the annual A&N shoe sale (VIP 7-8, 8am open to the public). Kay, Rhoda, and Jess got some great buys but I did not find anything that I LOVED LOVED (and had to have) for myself which is ok as I am saving up my $$ for a pair of JF boots and SW pumps. I'm happy that Kay found a few pairs of shoes and I could not believe how much each were priced at! GUESS going for $24.99 and I notice this year, the shoe prices have been marked down (compared to the same brands as last year) ... is it because of the current economic state? Also, last year, there were a lot more VIP customers in at 7 and there was a line up at the cash register to purchase your great buys. But this morning, it was pretty quiet and there were only about 20 or so customers in the store. Plus we were in and out at the cash register in 2 minutes! Well at least Kay got some great buys and she deserves them! She's a good kid :)


psychorich said... are saving up money for what? I hope "JF boots" means vacation and "SW pumps" means fund.

Joss said...

I went to the Langley A&N store... found some gorgeous Steve Madden stilettos in a style that I had been looking for for ages, but I will seriously never have occasion to wear them so I didn't get them :( Oh well.