Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Cleaning & Cooking

This late afternoon, we (Tash tagged along for the ride cos she slept over the nite before) met up with Jess at Save On Foods on Cambie street to do a bit of grocery shopping. Kay was going over there to help tidy house for Jess and I was going to teach Jess how to make mac'n'cheese cos it's so easy and the box stuff is so GROSS!! After shopping, we headed straight downtown to the Sheraton Wall Centre. I parked on the street right by the residence entrance and Starbucks while Jess parked her vehicle in the garage, she then met us up in the lobby (Starbucks) before taking us up the condo. Once we got upstairs, I started prep'ing for dinner while Jess gave Kay the run down of where the supplies were and how she likes things cleaned. It only took Kay about 2 hours to clean and it really isn't that much to clean cos Jess is a clean freak. While Kay was cleaning, I was helping Jess make dinner and once everything was done, we sat down to eat. Mmmm... def very delish, Jess's first time for making mac'n'cheese altho we overcooked the noodles a bit! Overall, it was a nice and quiet evening. Oh yes, I also got a chance to see the wedding plans and it's really exciting to see the ideas and pictures! It is going to be a spectacular wedding!!!

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