Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunny Sunday

What a perfect warm sunny day to bike around the seawall and that is just what we did! Although, we started a bit later than planned as Vince and Meryl woke up late in the afternoon, it was still quite warm out by the time we were finished. V & M came by around 3ish to pick me and my bike up, V put the bike on the roof rack and we started off towards Science World. Lucky us, we found free parking on the street and not too far from our starting point. Gosh, it was it ever busy and there were so many people out on bikes and blades enjoying this spring weather! We started off at the beginning of Science World and biked until Denman and Beach Avenue. We decided to lock up the bikes at the beach and walk up and down Denman Street for a bit, wow, so many new restaurants and so many changes to this street. We stopped into a store that sold and carried candy and novelty items like Simpsons, Hello Kitty and a lot of old skool lunch boxes and Disney glasses (from McDonalds) and I picked up a cute little Hello Kitty tin with sour candies! So cute lah! As we were walking back towards the beach, we decided it'd be a good idea to have a snack (or dinner!) before getting back onto the bikes. Meryl wanted to have a burger (craving it!) and we were trying to decide on a Vera's Burger Shack or Fat Burger - we decided on Fat Burger cos those 2 hadn't tried FB before. V ordered a turkey burger, M ordered a swiss cheese mushroom burger with fries and I ordered a baby fat (mini cheeseburger) with a side of onion rings. Both V and I were not impressed with our burgers and M thought her burger was pretty tasty altho when we (V and I) tried it, we didn't think it tasted like anything but mushy burger on a mushy bun! I don't like FB's burger bun is soft and mushy like McDonald's buns and the cheese was not real cheese instead it was processed cheese slices (also like McDonald's!). We agreed the next time, we are heading straight to Vera's Burger Shack! Vera's has a great selection of regular and specialty burgers (also they use great buns and REAL cheese!) plus it's a local business from Vancouver since 1977 which is awesome! A bit more pricer than the FB but def worth the extra couple of dollars for quality burgers! After our meal, we started our bike route around English Bay to and thru Stanley Park and back around to English Bay. It was a really easy scenic bike route and with awesome views of the mountains! We biked about 2 1/2 to 3 hours total (not including the walking, stopping, eating etc.), since we all biked at different paces and some of us stopped to take in the views, we ended up meeting back at Denman and Beach Avenue. Finishing the route and returning to the car, my bum and muscles were def feeling sore.


psychorich said...

Cool pics of the beach! Miss that so very much.

Joss said...

I've heard about Vera's and now I think I really HAVE to go. Sounds delish!