Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Malay Cuisine

Tonite, we headed over to Richmond to eat Malaysian food at a little place called Ellie. Vince and Meryl were raving how great this place is and were disappointed to see a sign on the front door stating it is closing their doors on April 17 (BBT last Friday). Rhoda and I met them at the restaurant and for the first time ever, V & M were on time and beat me there! It wasn't too busy when we arrived but as we were getting our dishes, the crowd really started to fill the restaurant. V & M ordered for us cos they've been here before and had a few fave's on the menu. I guess we didn't come early enough as a couple of their dishes were no longer available and we had to substitue another dish. Overall, the food was pretty good and the ambiance of the restaurant is nice. We found out that Ellie was not relocating and it was closing their doors forever due to the owner's health. It's too bad, M is thinking about a business venture! Hehehe... she and V could def do this, run a restaurant, they've got the experience and the equipment! After dinner, we decided to grab some coffee at Bean Around the World and chit chat for a bit before calling it a nite! It was a yummy dinner and so cool to hang out with my best buds!

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