Friday, April 24, 2009

Cambodian Food and HK Dessert

Tonite, we went out for Cambodian and Viet cuisine, a little restaurant called Phnom Pehn, in Chinatown which is well known for yummy noodles and deep fried chicken wings. Rhoda came by to pick me up and we met Kent/Ashley and Val at the restaurant. We all ordered a dish to share and there were plenty of dishes to try! It is nice to gather at a restaurant like this so you can order a number of dishes to try. It was really great to catch up and hear stories from back in the days (Rhoda/Kent/Val) as Ashley and I were not part of that history. Everyone is doing great and by the end of our meal, we could see the staff were trying to get the table back cos this place was smoking busy! We decided to have Hong Kong style dessert in Richmond but Val could not join us cos she had a lot of homework to finish before her next class. Rhoda was craving for Hong Kong style dessert so we headed to Richmond to go to her fave HK dessert place. At HK dessert place, we each ordered a dessert that looked very interesting. I had ordered a dessert with barley in it and at first, I was a bit afraid but it ended up being pretty yummy! It was a great nite and Kent/Ashley invited us both over for a BBQ tomorrow nite. But not sure if we'll go cos Rhoda is starting her crazy detox tomorrow! :)

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