Friday, April 10, 2009

Road Trip to Seattle

What a long and tiring day! Today, seven of us met up for a day trip to Seattle and I didn't really plan on shopping since I had just came back from SF but somehow I still managed to spend $60!! The border line up at the truck crossing was insane, it was about a 2 hour line up and the peace crossing was even longer! Apparently, the guys knew of a shortcut and decided to take the short cut to the crossing, cutting out about 30 or so minutes off our wait time. But some of us had to use the washroom before going thru customs so we walked (which didn't seem that far on the GPS) to the gas station to use the washroom. There was a 30 minute line up for the washroom! It was insane and one of the washrooms (the one I managed to get into finally!) was flooded and the toilet was not flushing properly and the floor was disgusting! Eww...thank goodness it was a quick one! When we finished, we headed towards the border cos we found out the van was only about 20 cars before the border - woohoo!! Couldn't believe it! We finally got into the states and off we went, first stop Jack in the Box cos it was already past noon (we left Richmond at 8am) and Rhoda really needed her sourdough jack! I am on a strict limited junk food diet so I had the sourdough grilled chicken jack with no cheese and a side salad and water. I was a bit envious of everyone eating their greasy sourdough jack and curly fries but I knew by dinner time, I would be eating more grease so I figured I'd splurge there. After JIB, we drove to the outlet mall to do a bit of shopping but we didn't spend that much time there. I bought a nike dryfit running long sleeved top and a little bag from LeSportSac for carrying my wallet and stuff when I bike or hike. Once we finished the mall, we headed towards Seattle cos the crew wanted to hit downtown for some boutique shopping and G wanted to stop in a store that sells turntables (which we didn't end up going to and it was closed by the time he got there!). I hadn't been in downtown Seattle before so it was quite a treat! We ended up parking right by Pike Place Market and we stopped in to see what it was like again, I have never been. It is a pretty neat place, it reminds me of Granville Island and the Farmer's Market all in one! After PP, we headed into the downtown core and did some more shopping and walking around. Again, I didn't find much and wasn't looking for anything, after a couple of hours, it was time to think about where we should eat for dinner. We decided to drive downa street that had a lot of restaurants and decided to try something more casual (instead of fine dining - which is what they preferred) and headed over to a restaurant that served ribs. Boy, my rib platter was huge and super yummy! I finished the entire platter and then some, which wasn't such a good idea cos I ended up with a really bad tummy ache! I don't think I'll be able to eat much meat this upcoming week! After our meal, we headed back towards the border and the ride was long and tiring. I don't think I will have any desire to head down to the States any time soon as this trip was more than enough for me! It was a great day spending time and getting to know everyone a little bit more!

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GTstyle said...

Pikes Place is cool, went there last yr for the 1st time after being to Seattle so many times.

Prob gonna take Dar & the kids this yr.