Thursday, June 04, 2009

Freedman & Swarovski

Today at lunch, I headed over to Freedman Shoes to pick up a pair of summer pumps! I need a non-black coloured open toe shoe for my summer and cream/beige colour clothing but it seems that the one pair of pumps (MK patent nude pumps at Browns Shoes) I've had my eye on has not dropped in price! Probably will not drop in price until it gets closer to the end of summer or in a few more weeks so I decided I could not wait and these ones will do! These are not nude but a neutral toned colour shoe with bits of gold detailing and much prettier and summerier than the others. After shoe shopping, I went over to Swarovski boutique to pick up Jess's birthday present, a pair of Tinker Bell earrings to match the Tinker Bell necklace I picked up for her a couple years ago. But the Robson street boutique sold out so the SA ordered them from Park Royal to be delivered on Friday. Hopefully, I'll get them in on time and before Jess's birthday on Tuesday, I hope she likes them!

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