Saturday, June 20, 2009

Estate Sale & BS Project

Today, I woke up early to head over to Port Coquitlam for an estate sale with my mom. Her co-worker knows a person who is holding an estate sale to the public next week and let everyone at the workplace know so they could get first dibs on items in the house before the public sale. The directions we got were not very clear and we are not familiar with PoCo or the tri cities so we got lost, really lost so lost in fact, we were getting a bit pissy with each other! I called a friend who grew up in PoCo and got some directions (she googled it while I was on the phone with her) and found the correct street. Once inside, we were overwhelmed with so much stuff! Items were everywhere and you basically had to go thru the house and ask the curator the price and bargain it down. It smelled quite old and stuffy as there were 2 animals that lived in the house and there wasn't a lot of ventilation in the house. After going thru the entire house a few times (you can miss stuff the first and second time you go around), mom found a couple of oil paintings and a huge wrench for pipes while I grabbed 3 oil paintings, a koi fish print and japanese geisha doll. All items were purchased for less than $50! What a great deal! After the sale, we headed back into Coquitlam for some lunch before heading back into Vancouver. Since we were already on the road, we decided to stop off at PetSmart, Starbucks for a coffee and Dollar Store cos I needed to purchase some items for the bridal shower gifts for Jess's bridal shower. As soon as mom and I were done, I headed over to Rhoda's place so we could discuss the bridal shower and I could start making the bridal gifts. We did pretty good and finished all 22 bottles by the end of the night. As Rhoda was organizing and cleaning her place, I was putting together the bottles and Rhoda's mom made dinner. I finished the bottles and we took a break for dinner before deciding that we need to head over to Superstore to pick up another bag of lavender salts for the shower gifts. We also did a pit stop in Artizia (didn't have the skirt nor the blouse I've been eyeing) and Plenty cos I wanted to show Rhoda the Soi & Kyo jacket I found at Plenty on Robson and it was on sale at 25% off! I ended up buying the jacket cos it's a really good price plus it's on sale and I don't have anything similar to that! After walking around the mall, we headed back to Rhoda's to finish the bath salts (we need to colour it and fill the bottles). It was a long day and night! But we are almost ready for the shower and it's only a week away! Wow, how time flies....

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