Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rehearsal and Dinner at Kits Beach

Tonite, the wedding party met at the commissioner's house to hold a "rehearsal" altho it wasn't a rehearsal, it was more like a questions and answer session. The commissioner basically did a run down of how she would proceed with the ceremony and she made it very clear that she did not want to discuss anything about the wedding that did not involve her. I hope without a real rehearsal that it's going to go well. But I guess it shouldn't be too hard to walk down an aisle, say your vows and I dos and sign some paperwork! After the meeting, we walked over to Kits beach for dinner at the closest restaurant to us, the Watermark, to discuss and finalize the details for the wedding. There were some misunderstandings, some more complaints and a whole lot of stressing, well Rhoda was more pissed off than stressed due to B's complaints and demands. But I think everything will work out and if it doesn't go as timely sloted or planned, it's a wedding! No stress, enjoy the day and it's not her wedding, it's Jess and B's day so if they aren't too stressed about it, well neither should she! Can't wait for this wedding to be done with so Rhoda can finally take a break!

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