Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday Lunch

Thank you RaeRae for an early birthday lunch! We headed over to Tropika cos they have some good lunch specials plus I really like Lunch Combo C =) (white rice with curry beef, sambal egg and indonesian spring roll - yummy!). We celebrated early cos Rae is going on a trip to San Fran, she flies out tomorrow and won't back in the office until Monday, August 10. It was nice to finally have lunch cos we have been meaning to do this for a while but both have been busy. We caught up on each other's lives and what was going on. It was really nice! I don't see Rae as much any more cos she is on the 14th floor =( After lunch, we headed over to the Gap cos I had a 30% off coupon and I wanted to pick up some tank tops for this heat! Plus my fave tank top (Old Navy) is getting worn out and it needs to be replaced (well I don't know if I can get rid of it cos it's my FAVE!!) and I manage to get 2 solid colour tank tops for $17.50 (with the discount!). Nice! I think I will have to go over to Old Navy after the GG and before I head over to Rhoda's to see if I can find anything there as well. I'm happy to say the weather has finally cooled down a bit and hopefully it will not be too hot during the afternoon for Jes & B's wedding! Wow, only 1 more sleep!

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