Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nightmarket, Gossip and Ginger 62

Last nite, I headed out with Rhoda, Jess and Fell for a nite out cos a friend from San Fran was visiting Vancouver. First, we headed over to the Richmond nite market cos Jess wanted to eat there and Rhoda had to have her colourful viet dessert drink which I ended up trying cos it looked so pretty and yummy. It really was very yummy! After walking around for a bit, trying to decide on which club they wanted to go to until Fell mentioned that Ferry Corsten was dj'ing at Gossip and Rhoda really wanted to see him so we quickly rushed back to Jess's place to get ready. We were taking our time walking thru the nite market cos we weren't sure where we were going and Fell didn't mention Ferry Corsten or else we would have been out of there much earlier. Once at Jess's condo, I was ready in a few minutes cos I was dressed to go and just had to reapply my make up. The other girls took a bit longer and while I waited, I kept munching on Jess's many snacks. We arrived at Gossip an hour before closing and it cost $40 to get in! Due to the special guest DJ, Ferry Corsten. Inside, Gossip had been completely renovated and it looked really nice. The last time I was in here, PLUSH nite club, it was def. not as nice, not that clean, bathrooms disgusting and the club just looked grungy and in need of a reno. The club was pretty packed, it looked like everyone was high or really drunk and I think you need to be one or the other to groove to trance, I prefer house over trance any day cos I can dance to house - sober. Since Gossip closes at 2am, the girls decided to head over to Ginger 62 cos it was opened for another hour. I have never been to Ginger 62 and it's a pretty nice club altho it feels and looks more like a lounge than club. It was getting pretty late night and I was super tired cos I hadn't been out like that in a long time cos I don't really go out and party at nite clubs. The girls are heading out again tonite but I am def too old and way too tired to do this 2 nites in a row! Besides, I don't enjoy trance music so I wouldn't be doing much dancing which would not be any fun. The SF friend didn't end up coming out cos the girl he was with was either too inconsiderate to bring him out or too drunk to figure out where we were! Oh well, that gives the girls another reason to head out and party!

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