Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pop Opera

Tonite was Jes's stagette and a friend of theirs booked a VIP table at Pop Opera. The club has nice interiors and it's cool that there are 2 rooms (smaller room had it's own bar and played different type of music). Altho we chose to stay in the main area cos it was hip hop and top 40 plus the VIP table was more spacious. The stag theme was Jes' wedding colours: white and purple. I realized I didn't own anything in a solid purple but I had a Baby Phat top with purple in it. I had a good time and enjoyed the company even tho I didn't drink at all or hit the dance floor often cos the club scene isn't my thing and I had an early morning the following day. It was also great to see Jes a bit buzzed which is priceless! (Don't have any photos cos I didn't bring my camera but will post some when I get them from Rhoda).

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