Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Main Street Farmer's Market

After work and summer school, Kay and I headed over to the Main Street farmer's market to check out the vendors and local items/produce we could pick up. Gosh, it is a super hot (and sticky) afternoon and both of us were feeling pretty tired after walking from Stadium station to The Boss on Main street for a snack and an iced tea. Kay usually needs a snack after school cos she doesn't eat during her 3 hours in class. After our snack, we walked over to the market and gosh, there were some great vendors! We picked up some bacon from Gelderman Farms - veggie diet, no animal meat by products, no antibiotics, no growth hormones and freedom to run with full natural lighting. I can't wait to taste this bacon! We picked up some organic corn (the last bit of the crop), some blueberries and raspberries, some sablefish from Fresh off the Boat and Szechuan Chili Sauce from Thai Princess. I did a quick stop at the market booth (next market, I'm going to purchase a membership) and picked up Carebags to reduce my carbon footprint! I have been meaning to make my own reuseable veggie bags for grocery shopping but I am talentless on the sewing machine! After our shopping, we headed home cos Kay was going to meet Tash so she had to do some homework and get out of her sticky clothes. I can't wait to taste the sweet organic corn!

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