Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I picked up the most beautiful dress at BCBG today! I am very lucky to have found a dress in my size and in my fave colour (not the wedding colours but close) and only for $116! It is such a beautiful dress that I think I will even wear it at my birthday dinner! Luckily or unluckily, I had to buy a new dress for Jes's wedding cos BJ dress I originally bought for this day, I could not get into. At first, I thought I had about 1/2" room and if that was the case well I could pick up a girdle and cram myself into the dress. But to my surprise (not), I was about 1 1/2" off from buttoning that dress! I couldn't believe it, I am so disappointed and upset that I cannot wear this dress. But I have a new goal, I will wear it when HonHon comes next month and he takes me out for my birthday dinner. I have a few weeks to lose 1 1/2 " off the hips/waist. Love the dress esp the couture bow in the back, apparently it is suppose to be lopsided! Can't wait to wear it!

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