Sunday, July 19, 2009

IKEA - Furniture Assembly

After Taste of the City, I rested a bit at home and caught up on some chores before heading over to Rhoda's place. I was to help her with furniture shopping at IKEA but I didn't get home until after 5pm so she headed over there with her mom first. After resting and some salad for dinner, I went over there to help her put together the futon she picked up for the out of town guests staying at their house for Jes's upcoming wedding. Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, her wedding is in 2 weeks! Rhoda and I assembled the futon with some difficulty (hate IKEA tools!) but we figured it out and finished it right before Jes arrived. Jes had a money box project and I helped her put together the box (she picked up from Daiso) and applied the material for the cover, she had some samples for the wedding decorations. She is going to apply some crystals along the side of the box and flowers/feathers to decorate the top of the box but we didn't get that far cos she ran out of glue for her glue gun. As I was working on the box, there were some discussions about seating arrangements at the Kirin reception, it was getting a bit stressful and tense but in the end it was figured out. While discussing other items for the wedding, Jes decided we should go for dessert at Honey Dessert House cos we were all getting a bit hungry by this hour (1am!). This place opens late and after some dessert and dumplings, it was time to call it a nite cos it was 2am!

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