Sunday, July 12, 2009

Company BBQ Picnic & Sunday Dinner

Our division held a summer BBQ picnic this afternoon and I assume we will have one every summer! Poor Val, every year she will have to go thru the stress of throwing a BBQ for 100 people. A few of us pitched in to help with the picnic but Val and her hubby did most of the work, there was a lot of stress and tiredness endured. My small bit was to pick up the onions and tomatoes and slice and dice them for the burgers. I also picked up the drinks from Costco and gosh, my poor little VW bug, it was so heavy in the trunk, it felt like it weighed the car down and my poor car was chugging away. This year the picnic was held at 2nd beach in Stanley Park and it is a really pretty spot to throw a BBQ. There was a rooftop over the picnic tables and we were close to the beach, the pool and children's playground. We had a beautiful view of the beach and ocean, it was lovely! The picnic area wasn't as spacious as last year which is nice in a way cos we all had to mingle and talk to each other. Last year, there was too much food and drinks and of course, this year was the same but the water can be kept for next year. There were 2 boxes of burgers left, one of which Rhoda and I took to share and another took home for their family. Altho, I brought my camera, I didn't get a chance to take any photos cos I was too busy helping out with the BBQ'ing and making sure everyone was fed. Phew, lots of work but def had a blast! Many thank yous' to Val and our VP for holding this for us!

After the BBQ, I rested at home for a bit cos I was super tired from the BBQ and in a couple of hours I was to meet with Jas, Vince, Meryl and Shel for a dinner in Richmond. Vince and Meryl wanted to meet up cos we all hadn't seen each other as a group in a while and they wanted to take us to a recently discovered spicy chinese restaurant in Richmond. We all met at Shel's house cos he was centred and we all went in one car to Richmond. The restaurant was hidden away from No. 3 road but it can def stay hidden cos the food was not at all good! Gosh, those 2 have the strange taste buds!! After dinner, we decided to have BBT for dessert and drove over to Tapioca Express cos they have yummy boba! Too bad Kay didn't come, she loves BBT =)

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