Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Diana! (and GG)


Gosh, what a way to celebrate your birthday .... hiking up the Grouse Grind! Yikes! But she really wanted to do it and what a super hot day for it! I can usually finish the GG in under 60 mins but today, I was having some difficulty cos it was so hot and twice I almost slipped! FInished in 1 h 2 m 47 s - not too please but at least I didn't pass out on the trail which I thought I would. After the GG, we surprised Diana by taking her over to Debbie's (Charly's mom) cos she made a grand feast for the occasion, ohmy so much food! Debbie is so sweet and thoughtful, cooking all that food for us and making separate items for me cos Charly told her I was on a no fat or oil diet. Everything was so delicious and I loved the white fish she steamed for me! Super yummy! After dinner, we surprised her again with a birthday cake that I picked up from Saint Germain Bakery at Metro last nite. It was a really great nite with great conversations! It was so nice to meet Diana and one day (maybe next year), I will visit her (and Ivan) in Mexico!

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