Friday, July 10, 2009

SALT and Richmond Pub

Tonite, I met up with Jas and Vince at SALT one of my fave places to have a glass of wine with a tasting plate, or two love it! Jas and I met up first, our reservations were at 6pm so went headed over to the new Sephora at PC (which was crazy busy!!) then over to Holt Renfrew to check out the shoe fall collection, ohmygosh, I loooove the shoe fall collection! I am thinking about investing in another pair of flats, Tory Burch and am a bit shocked at how much a pair of flats can cost! But these are apparently the most comfortable ballet flats on the market so I'm willing to invest in a pair. Altho I am seriously in love with a few pairs of my fave shoe designer, Stuart Weitzman, his fall collection is beautiful... mmmm... the choices! After HR and Sephora, we decided to catch the bus into gastown and walk over to SALT. We were shocked to see Vince on time and it was really nice catching up with him. One of the reasons why we hadn't seen him or the two fo them in such a long time is their work is keeping them both super busy and V and M barely get to see each other. After SALT, we decided to head over to True Confections to have dessert and enjoy the weather on the outdoor patio. We talked about stuff and what was going on in my life, it was good to hear his persepective and as always, he has some really good words of advice. After dessert, Jas was getting tired and we dropped her off before picking up Meryl. Vince and I were thinking about catching a movie but Meryl really need a tall cold glass of beer so we headed over to the Pump House Pub in Richmond. It was nice catching up with Meryl and watching those to interact which can be quite entertaining. After a long nite, it was time to head home cos both had to work over the weekend and I think those two need a little get away! Meryl looks really stressed and overworked! But it was nice catching up and hopefully, we all can get together again on Sunday for dinner. There's a spicy chinese restaurant in Richmond that they are raving about.

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