Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!


Gosh, it is a beautiful Canada Day! The weather was amazing, it is super hot and there are tons of events happening all over town. Earlier this afternoon, Kay had her hip hop dance performance at Sunset Community Centre on Main Street. She and a few of her BFF's have been taking hip hop classes at the community centre for the past few months and their final dance was held at the centre in part of the Canada Day Festivities. My brother had planned to go if he could get up on time (he had a late nite of partying) and I was suppose to ring him up to see if he could make it out. He was also going to give me a ride since my car insurance is up and I didn't get the chance to renew it and when I did, I didn't realize I needed Air Care!! Before I called my brother, I received a call from Louis Vuitton in Holt Renfrew, Damier Canvas Geronimos pouch had arrived and would be held until tomorrow closing. I had put my name on the list for my brother cos he desperately wanted (and needed as he says...) this but this item sells quickly and is not readily available. I was quite surprised how quickly it came in and realized why it was a very bad idea for me to go with my brother to pick it up. A few new Fall items (and colours) had arrived and in limited quantities in the Vernis line. Last Decemeber, my handbag was stolen and with it one of my newest and fave items, a key and coin purse in the amarante colour. For fall, LV released 2 more new colours in the vernis line, one gray and this beautiful blue called bleu nuit. I had to have it. Only 2 arrived and I was holding onto the last one until the next shipment so I charged it as the one "little" lv item HonHon promised me. So pretty and I love the colour and already thinking about my next purchase in this colour! Beautiful Bleu Nuit (see my flickr account for photos!!). After shopping, we realized we had to get going cos Kay's performance was scheduled for 2.25pm and that meant we only had 20 minutes to get from downtown to Main / 52nd street! Lucky us, we found parking right on the side street of the centre (someone pulling out when we pulled in) and even though we were 5 minutes late, it seems all the performances were a bit behind and Kay's dance didn't start for another 10 minutes. OHMYGOSH, it was so hot standing out there with no covering!! There were a lot of people and a lot of things happening, a great big turn out. I got Kay and her posse on video (see below) and put it on YouTube which I'm sure she will not be too impressed with! But it's nice to be able to show HonHon what he is missing! Kay on video - PRICELESS. After the performance, Kay went with her friends for bubble tea while my brother opted for iced coffee at Starbucks. We headed home to chill out and admire our new Louis Vuitton pieces and after a bit, my brother headed out and I stayed home to relax since tomorrow is a work day! Gosh, I don't like stat holidays landing in the middle of the week!

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