Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Perforated Paper Day!

Tonite, we celebrated Perforated Paper Day instead of Val's birthday! Hehehe, she did not want to make a big fuss about her birthday so even tho we gathered for dinner at Lao Shan Dong Noodle House by Metrotown to celebrate, we cheered Perforated Paper. Before heading over to the restaurant, I had some time and wanted to pick up something at Metrotown. I had an Element Eden summer dress on hold at Below the Belt and lucky for me it was on sale! Reg $50 to $39.99 =) But like the dress in BTB on Robson (which was NOT on sale), a button is missing so I'm gonna have to jack one from the Robson BTB. After picking up my dress and walking thru the mall, it was time to head over to the restaurant and I decided to walk over instead of driving 2 blocks and looking for parking cos it is across the street from HBC. This restaurant is so small and always so busy (esp dinner time) but thankfully, the food gets out quickly so the turnaround rate for tables are within 20 minutes. I think this place serves the best Taiwanese soup noodles! Mmmm.... yummy! After dinner, all of us headed over to Val's house for drinks cos she needed to be at home in case her mom needed her (she just had a minor operation and could not be on her feet). It was really nice catching up with her and friends but I had to leave around 10 to pick up Kay at Tashna's house. It was a such a fun and entertaining evening plus they are sooo funny!!

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