Saturday, July 18, 2009

CityTv's Taste of the City

This afternoon, for a late lunch, we headed over to CityTv's Taste of the City at the PNE. First, we picked up Laurie and Tashna at Nanaimo Skytrain (the electricity in their building was out and Laurie couldn't get the car out of the garage!) and then drove over to the PNE. Lucky for us we had free parking cos Laurie's cousin lived close by so we parked at their place and walked over. We wanted to check out the PNE Prize Home but we were hungry so we headed over to the food stands first. It was super hot afternoon and I realized I probably shouldn't have worn a tank top cos I'll get an allergic sun reaction and most likely touch people who are wearing a ton of sunscreen!! Our first stop was to the ticket booth to buy some tickets so we could sample all the goodies. We grabbed a couple of items from Saltik first cos the stand had the smallest line up and we were starving! I really wanted the tandoori chicken at Handi Cuisine of India and even though the line up was crazy long, it was def worth the wait! While we were waiting, Kay and Tash picked up a yakitori from Zakkushi - gosh, it was sooo good and def a must visit, there are 3 restaurants, one on Main, on 4th and on Denman street. After the tandoori chicken, we grabbed a samosa at another indian stand and picked up a couple of mango lemonades at yet another stand but those 2 stands were not as busy as Handi and I could see why, the food / drinks were meh.... I decided it was time for dessert and grabbed a couple of chocolate pieces from hmm...I can't remember the name of the restaurant but the chocolate dessert was good! Even though we were full after all the tasting, we still had a few tickets left so to use them up, I picked up a wild salmon cone at Sushi Zero One and it was pretty yummy altho you can never go wrong with wild salmon sashimi. Mmmm... this sushi restaurant is located in downtown, right by my office so I will have to try it for lunch one of these days. We didn't get a chance to see the prize home cos it was closed at 4 and we were too late. Oh well, maybe I'll see it if I go to the PNE this summer. It was a great afternoon and so nice to catch up with Laurie since I hadn't seen her in awhile.

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