Saturday, June 19, 2010

Artizia, Megahair, IHOP

Today, I had a hair appointment at Megahair Salon at Metrotown with Kelly, I've seen her work and she seems pretty good at what she does but I was still a bit afraid to get my hair cut after the last time but it's been 4 months which means it's time for a haircut as it's getting unmanageable. Kelly did a great job at keeping the length and giving my hair more volume and shape by add multiple layers in my hair. My hair is pretty thick and heavy so it was weighing down on my face esp the length. I was comfortable around her and I enjoyed talking to her about my hair and other things, I think overall she did a really great job and altho I am not used to having my hair so thinned out, I think I'll keep going to her plus I can't believe how reasonably priced her fees are! At $40 a wash, cut and dry, that's very reasonable and I can def maintain my hair at that price :) After my cut, we headed over to IHOP cos Kay was craving it and the last time I told her I'd take her but I ended up having to run errands with my mom. Gawsh, it was yummy and very filling but so worth it cos we don't do it often :) After brunch, we headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart cos Kay wanted to buy a box of colour for her hair. We decided to head over to Metrotown and we headed back into Aritzia cos the last time we were in there, we really didn't get a good look at the entire store as I was really just looking for my 3 specific items. While we were in there, we bumped into Jas and she was in there to check out the new store plus take another look at the boyfriend blazer in the dark grey which she has been eyeing for some time. Kay found a couple of more items to purchase, she picked up a white collar button top and a white tank top to go with her navy blue shorts while I was convinced by both Jas and Kay to pick up a black tank top cos it's suppose to be the most comfortable tanky ever. After our purchases, we decided it was time to go home cos I was getting really tired from the little sleep I got that nite cos the boys woke me up this morning at 9.30 when they left our place. I needed to go home and take a nap cos I was soooo sleepy. After my nap, Kay was getting pretty upset with her Blackberry Curve as the trackpad kept freezing up so we headed back into the mall to the Fido store for a sales assistant to take a look at it and see if they could fix the issue. It looks like this is a common problem amongst the Curves and she said it was best to call the CS line to ask for a replacement. She mentioned that I should tell CS that I had brought the phone in to a Fido store and the SA recommends replacing it cos she's taken a look over it and it's def something wrong with the trackpad. Kay is addicted and glued to her berry so she'll be pretty upset when we have to return it for a new one. Oh well back to her Samsung if she wants to stay in touch with her friends! Once we were finished with Fido, we headed home to make dinner and clean the condo a bit. We need to clean this place up before HonHon's next visit and we are hoping to see him at the end of July or the beginning of August. Maybe he can be here for my birthday, that will be a real treat! He would have made both of our birthdays this year and he hasn't made it our birthdays since he left Vancouver but if he's here for my birthday, I can't expect him to pay for the entire LV handbag cos I sorta made that the deal that he would have to pay the entire bag if he left a week before my birthday! :( Oh well.... guess we'll see when his next visit will be!

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psychorich said...

Nothing is better than sleeping in and have brunch at IHOP. We will have to do that again next time I am in town.