Thursday, November 23, 2006

With A Bang!

Tonight I finally picked up my new PC but not without its problems. First of all, I had already paid for my PC and even though I was just picking up, I still had to wait in the stupid line. It took 20 minutes and I was so worried because I was illegally parked (no parking on Broadway during rush hour). I had to pick it up tonight even though I was going to pick it up on Saturday instead but Vince had cleared his schedule to stop by and help put my new PC / hard drive in enclosure together. After I finally received my unit, Kay and I ran back to the car, terrified that I may have been ticketed but to find no ticket, thank goodness! After we got home, I went over to Hugo's to order take out for dinner (much too tired to prep/cook dinner) because Vince was so nice to come right after a long day of work to help me put together my PC. The least I could do was buy him his dinner. :) While I was waiting for our food, the hockey game was playing on the huge flat screen tv, the Vancouver Canucks were losing to Nashville and very badly. When I finally got back to the apartment, Vince was already there, hanging out with Kay and chit chatting. As I prep'd the take out dinner, Vince started pulling my old PC apart so he could take out my old hard drive and put it in the enclosure. I am too lazy to sort and transfer all my stuff from my old hard drive into the new PC so I decided to buy an enclosure for the hard drive which gave me some extra time in taking my time transferring all my documents/pics into my new hard drive. Vince had no problems removing and installing the hard drive to the enclosure but when he tried to test it out with the power supply cord..... a very terrible thing happened. It exploded in his hands! I KID YOU NOT. He dropped the unit and there was an awful burned rubber/electronic smell in the living room. When I ran over to see what was happening, he told me it just exploded and we were like... WTF? Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the power cord had been tampered with! There were two visible cuts with the live wires showing through. OMG, I was so pissed and upset thinking I might have lost all my info on the hard drive. But Vince didn't think so. Vince was fine, a little pissed and shocked but he did not need to go to the emergency. He was bitching about how unsafe and how could they not check the product before selling it. You would assume it would be safe and you wouldn't have to check it but obviously NOT! Poor Vince. His hand was a little burned but no major damage and his state was reasonably calm. I can't imagine what would have happened if I was the one handling it. I would have freaked out more and screamed like there was no tomorrow plus my impulse to drop it wouldn't have been as quick as Vince. This means that it might have been sitting in my hands longer causing more damage and shock. Luckily there were no papers nearby or flammable items because I'm sure I might have started a fire! ARGH. So very upset. I am never going back to that place again! I am going to go back there in a couple of days to bitch and complain! I could probably sue them although it would take too much time. I did take some photos of the power supply and Vince's hand. What a night!

Well after that fiasco, we decided to put my new PC together but guess what, we noticed they did not give me a power supply cord for my PC. How am I suppose to power this unit without a power supply cord? Magically with my hands or an imaginary cord??? Can you feel the sarcasm?

To the point? My old hard drive and new PC are both working fine although it's been a very long and draining night.

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