Monday, November 20, 2006


I just opened up a Vancity account! I have a Vancity Visa and I am tired of going to the teller to pay off my Visa. I decided to open an account because I had a Join our Bank freebie card which I got from the VIFF . When I open a new account with Vancity, I would receive two free tickets to any (?) movie of my choice for the next year's VIFF. I love getting free stuff and free movie tickets to the VIFF, why not? Plus it would make life so much easier to make payments to my Visa online. I am hoping this bank will be better than my RBC account because I have been banking with RBC for 17 years and I am still just a number to them. One day I will change my bank accounts over but I will have to see how comfortable I am with Vancity.

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psychorich said...

You will always be just a number to RBC unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their account, in which case they would offer you a cup of coffee when you are at the bank seeing a financial advisor.

A very expensive cup of coffee!