Thursday, August 06, 2009

White Spot Early B'day Dinner

Tonite, Kay was craving for a white spot burger so we (mom, kay and I) headed over to WS after I got back from the Grouse Grind and after a shower! WS had a $9.99 special - burger, fries and a milkshake but to our surprise it was no longer available but they did have another good special, burger, ceasar salad and a fresh BC blueberry pie with real cream! Kay ordered that with fries and mom had it the way it was, both added a slice of real cheddar cheese of course. I decided to go with a chicken chevre pizza which was a thin crust pizza topped with WS house-made Arrabbiata sauce, roasted BC chicken, basil goat cheese, grilled and marinated sweet golden bell peppers and red onions and a special blend of cheeses. It was pretty large and the toppings were pretty yummy altho I still prefer my own pizza crust cos this one was a bit too soggy for my liking. My mom treated this meal cos it is my b'day tomorrow and I won't be home to celebrate with her and grams. A very thoughtful gesture and if I had known, I would have picked a nicer place to eat! =) After our dinner, we dropped Kay at home cos she has a unit test to study for and mom and I headed over to Superstore to pick up some items. Wow Superstore was super quiet so nice to shop there when it's so empty. We picked up a few things and headed home, in time to see my grams. She had won $7 at her mahjong game and was quite happy to have won and not lost another game! Both of them gave me lucky money and they really shouldn't have. My grams told me she was going to give me a big one and that I should buy something nice for myself. My grams is so sweet!!! =)

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