Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brunch by the water

Today, I met up with Jas, Vince, Meryl, Shel and Kitty for brunch at NU restaurant by False Creek. Shel and Kitty could not make my birthday dinner last week and since it's been a while since everyone has gotten together, it was a great idea to gather for brunch. Altho, Charly and Rosa could not make it and I invited Rhoda but it was too early for her, I'm sure we'll do it again real soon. I loved the idea of brunch cos brunch is my fave meal of the day so I was pretty excited to try a new place for brunch. It was a perfect day to sit outside on the patio enjoying the sunshine and the views of False Creek, Granville Island and the water activity. I ordered a dungeness crab benedict and a side sausage, gosh was the crab ever yummy but the egg was too overdone so it wasn't runny. Overall, the meal was pretty good and I really enjoyed the patio seating even with the slight breeze. We have decided we should try to do this every month or other month. It was really nice catching up with everyone even most of us were pretty tired due to our late nites. After brunch, we decided to head into Yaletown for some real coffee cos the coffee served at Nu was crap. I think I had about 10 cups and still felt like I needed a shot of espresso! We chatted a bit more at the coffee shop before calling it a day cos everyone was tired. It was too bad that Rhoda, Charly and Rosa couldn't make it cos it was such a nice day to be in the company of such nice people!!

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