Saturday, August 08, 2009

My 34th Birthday!

Today I celebrated my 34th birthday with my bestest buds! Even old friends from Hong Kong visiting Vancouver came out to celebrate with me tonite! I feel so very lucky and special to have such wonderful friends in my life! Dinner reservations were at Irashai Grill on Pender Street, I really wanted to try to this place cos I heard some really great reviews on it. Also, very coincidental that Lina (friend from HK) had gone here for a dinner a few days before cos her friend's friend had opened this restaurant. She also gave it a good review so I was excited to try all the different types of rolls being offered on the menu and not realizing this was Japanese fusion. Loved the decor, very modern and sleek. Presentation of the food was beautiful and def super yummy delish. It was a great dinner with everyone enjoying great conversations with good food and drinks. It was so nice to that G and Lina could make it cos Lina lives in HK and I never get to see her! After a couple of hours at the restaurant, Vince and Meryl invited us all over to their place to enjoy some wine and more chit chat. I appreciated the hospitality and it was a shame that Charly and Rosa couldn't make it cos we all had an awesome time! Andy came by to join us after his dinner and it was so cool to hang out with everyone. It was def one of the best birthdays ever! Thank you Kayesha, Rhoda, Jasmine, G, Lina, Charly, Rosa, Vince, Meryl and Andy!!

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