Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner with Charly & Rosa

Tonite, we skipped the Grouse Grind cos we had dinner plans at Charly's as he had a business meeting with his partners for a near future venture and this was the only day they could it. But one of them ended up cancelling last minute which means we could have gone to the Grind :( This is the 2nd Thursday that Charly has cancelled on me, I am not too happy about all these cancellations and I had planned on cancelling our Tuesday's workout (cos there is a local jazz musician singing at Capones in Yaletown on Tues night) but tonite's dinner was a meal for 9 people not for 5! Rosa made a chicken cordon bleu, hearty vegetable soup (one bowl of this soup = 1 meal for me and Kay), nacho chips served with cheese, vegetable platter with sour cream dip and I brought a bottle of red (Malbec) plus Caesar Salad with my own dressing. Gosh, there was so much food and Rosa was shocked by how full we were from the soup, veggie platter and nachos. I told her we do not eat huge portions and we snack a lot during the day so we tend to eat smaller meals. Plus we do not normally eat such heavy meals like chicken cordon bleu (which I knew I wouldn't like but finished it cos I didn't want to be rude). This was her first attempt to make chicken cordon bleu and it wasn't that good, a bit dry plus it looked, tasted and the texture was like meat loaf blah! Well I guess A for effort but F in all other categories? After dinner, we started planning out our trip in October for the Okanagan Fall Wine Festival. We are getting excited about this and I am looking forward on getting away from the city, visiting the vineyards and tasting BC wine right from the winery!

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