Monday, August 24, 2009

eBay Addiction

In one day, I manage to spend $125 on eBay but I purchased some really AWESOME items! I wanted to buy a Vinturi red wine aerator cos my cousin has one and she used it on the Don Miguel Gason Malbec that I picked up. Gosh, the aerator is amazing, we opened the wine and poured it thru the aerator making the red wine incredibly delicious! I had to have one but these are selling at $69.99 (Homewerx) and I was thinking no way I was going to pay that price when I knew I could get it off eBay cheaper ($40 including shipping!). I think every red wine lover should own one of these! Over the weekend, before purchasing the aerator, I had bought a very pretty laptop bag for $35.65 including S&H from Oliepops London. I finally gave up looking for a 17" laptop bag cos I was not able to find one at Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs or Winners! If I did find a 17" bag, it was ugly and heavy! I can't wait to get this pretty grey laptop bag! Now I'm looking at purchasing a Blackberry Curve 8900 on eBay cos I am watching one and it's only $406 USD!! 6 days left until this listing ends but $406 USD is still quite a bit of money, have to wait it out a bit longer I think.....

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