Saturday, August 22, 2009


OMG, I can't believe our BBQ works!! I am SO EXCITED!! We are going to have our very first BBQ here at our place with our very new (2 years old, never been used!) Coleman RoadTrip BBQ!! Off to Canadian Tire to pick up some BBQ tools, a storing cover (our BBQ had cobwebs and dust all over - ick!) and a nice juicy non medicated no hormones strip loin steak from at Famous Foods, mmm.... steak.... Thanks to R.E. for coming by and taking a look at my "broken" BBQ - it wasn't broken!! Dang it...

Earlier this afternoon, Kay and I headed over to the farmer's market at Trout Lake to pick up some amazing fruit and veggies. We picked up some really cool looking summer squashes called Patty Pans, can't wait to try those, KJ (friend at work) told me these were super yummy and sweet. Once cooked, no even need to season cos that's how tasty these squashes are! We forgot to bring our camera again and I really need to remember to bring it next Saturday. So many amazing vendors at Trout Lake, much bigger than the one at Main Street Station plus some of these vendors aren't even at the Main Street. KJ was hoping that fingerlings (small stubby potatoes) are still in season cos he did not see them at the market last Wednesday but there's a vendor at Trout Lake which sells potatoes only and she had a huge basket full of fingerlings! I might have to pick up some for him next Saturday.

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