Monday, August 17, 2009

Overdue Dinner with Cousin

Tonite Kay and I headed over to my cousin, Nadine's for dinner cos I had not seen her new place and we have been talking about getting together for dinner for 2 years!! Their new home is right by Marine Drive and Elliot, it's in a very nice and hidden complex community setting. Apparently this place has been around for 20 years and it looks amazing! The entire complex is very well taken care of and def does not look or have a feel about being around for 20 years. The traffic noise is actually quite muffed and their unit is above all the larger units so they've got some amazing views (of Richmond, Fraser River and Mount Baker). This place was quite a bargain, 1100 sq feet at $320,000, 2 levels (master suite on the 2nd floor) with 2 balconies and lots of upgrades/renos. This new home is much more spacious and a better fit for both of them. It's good to see they have found such a beautiful home and a bit more permanent. It was really nice spending time with Nadine and Ruth and we hope to see more of them!

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