Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday Nite

Tonite, Kay and I went to my dad's place for dinner, a late birthday dinner, cos we didn't get a chance to celebrate my birthday the day before. Dad decided it would be a good idea to stay in for dinner cos my brother was not home and he wanted to make lasagna for dinner cos he did not have it in a long time. The Safeway lasagna was pretty yummy and for dessert, my dad picked up a fresh fruit birthday cake for me. Mmmm... cake! I didn't get cake yesterday so it is a perfect way to end my birthday. After dinner/cake, we stayed a bit longer before I dropped Kay off at her BFF's place so she could hang out with her and then I met up with my BFF and friends. Earlier in the afternoon, I stopped by the BC liquor store to pick up some white wine for everyone. It was really nice spending time with everyone esp Lina and Andy who are visiting Vancouver for another week. I also love hearing G spin so that was pretty cool. Everyone is so nice and cool to hang out with, I'm going to miss these moments but I'm sure the next time I'm visiting HK, I'll get to party with them again!

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