Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pants Fit =)

OMG, I finally fit into those pants I've been working so hard to get into!! I can't believe it :) All the Grouse Grinds and keeping track of how much I eat by measuring out my meals is really working and helping. Now if only I could have been more focused before Jes's wedding, I would have been able to have fit into the BJ dress but it's ok cos I do love the pink BCBG dress much more. After work, I decided if I could get into those pants, I should try on the R&Rs denim that Jes / KM bought me last year and have not worn them since March. Guess what, I manage to get into them and button them! But I could lose one more pound to be comfy in them, I am so excited and pleased with these results. I'm def. gonna treat myself to a mini cupcake tomorrow to celebrate!

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