Sunday, August 30, 2009


What an evening at the PNE! The very first thing we did when we got there was to grab some grub! As Jas and Nadine had not eaten much all day cos they were holding off for the PNE junk food! Jas went straight over to Jimmy's burger stand while Nadine and I headed over to grab our grease from the Fish & Chips stand - wow, I had forgotten how expensive it was to eat at the fair!! Halibut and chips were $13!! Once the food was gobbled down, we picked up a very sugary virgin margarita to help wash down the grease. It was 7pm and Ruth mentioned she wanted us to catch the pig races so we walked over to the animal farm to watch those little piggies run and boy can they run! Apparently, it is a must see and now that I've seen it once, I don't think I need to do it again. Forgotten how stinky it was to be in a barn. After the race, we headed over to the Those Little Donuts stand cos I must have mini donuts when I'm at the PNE. Only $2.50 / bag of 13, how can one pass on that deal? I think this would be one of the least expensive food item at the fair. Plus so filling, after finishing off those donuts, I was done with the food which is pretty good cos I usually can eat. Usually, I have a BBQ chicken as well but I skipped it cos I knew than to stuff myself esp since I've done so well in losing a couple of inches and I worked really hard to lose them. After donuts, we headed over to the Marketplace to do some shopping! I did pretty good and didn't buy much except for Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda (2 large tins - 120 loads each for $20!! That's a PNE price!!) I had been debating about purchasing this product (like that's it's eco friendly and all natural product) but it's pretty costly at LD so I never did buy it. We do use a natural and eco friendly liquid laundry detergent from Costco and it works great! We don't get the perfumey smell and the laundry room does not have a chemical fume plus our clothes come out smelling clean and fresh, we love it. It's also quite large and we don't need much so we are going to be using this for a while! Now we are competely stocked for laundry soap!! At Nellie's, they were also selling organic bamboo towels (which I have been looking at and wanting to purchase) and sheets, gosh, the sheets were $120! But silky soft and eco-friendly as bamboo is a renewable source. I know of Shoo-foo in Vancouver which sells bamboo products including towels so I will have to head over there to pick up some towels when my current cotton ones are worn out and they are getting close to it. Once we were done in the marketplace, my cousin Nadine did pretty good - she got lots of great things, we lined up for the PNE show home. It wasn't too busy as it was getting close to the end of the night but none of us were impressed with it this year plus it's all the way out in Kelowna so if you win it, it's def a summer home. By 9.45pm we decided to call it a nite cos it was late and we were all getting super tired. It was such a fun evening and we must get together more often, it's always so much fun hanging out with my cousins Nadine and Ruth!

Update: I just found a mini donut article by CTV BC and I didn't realize there were THREE mini donut stands! I must try Mr. Ken's Donut Factory (apparently many flavours of mini donuts) and Fundunkers (a PNE stand). I would love to try the chocolate, honey and coconut donuts at Mr. Ken's Donut Factory! Mmmm..... donuts, must head back to the PNE one more time ($5 admission after 9pm) for another taste of donuts!!!

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nellie sux...shoulda told me...i had a few boxes a while ago.