Monday, August 03, 2009

Wedding of the Century

WOW!! What a weekend!!! It was a crazy busy weekend and I can't believe Jess is NOW MARRIED!!

Saturday, the ceremony at Van Dusen went off without any problems and it was a beautiful (thankfully quick) ceremony. It was a really hot day and the guests were melting in the heat but the ceremony didn't take that long. It was a very beautiful event and Jess was gorgeous in her wedding gown. After the ceremony, Felicia and I had to stay behind to make sure everything was picked up or removed, we headed over to Corner 23 for a nice icy boba tea and lunch! Reception 1 at Floata Restaurant - WOW, the decor was gorgeous, it did not look like a chinese restaurant!! The decor was amazing and white fabric covered every corner of the restaurant, you could not see any reference of Floata. I had never been to Floata so I had no idea what the restaurant looked like but did see it at the end of the party, it was like the clock hit midnite (or in this case, 130am) and everything turned back into a pumpkin! The restaurant is UGLY and oh gosh, I can see why Jess had to redecorate the entire restaurant. The dinner party was so much fun and these people know how to party hard and have fun. It was awesome to hear G dj'ing even though he isn't a hip hop dj. After the reception, we headed over to Kingsway / Victoria to an after party cos B's sis, Jenny, had arranged a party after the dinner party! We stayed until about 3am before we all called it a nite.

Sunday - headed over to Metrotown to exchange some tank tops at Old Navy and walk thru the mall as I waited for Rhoda. She was meeting me at Metro cos she was going to give me a ride back to her house so I could pick my car (left it there last nite cos I was too tired to drive home from the after party). We met up at Shoppers Drug Mart but had an hour to walk thru the mall cos her cousin and aunt were enjoying the air conditioning, it was another super hot day in Vancouver. We headed over to Aritzia to see what was on sale and I ended up picking a Community denim jacket for $60!!! Once we were done, we headed back to her house and I picked up my car to go home cos it was too hot to do anything else!

Monday - Reception #2 at Kirin Restaurant on Cambie street, we didn't have to do too much at this restaurant cos it's not an ugly restaurant, we just decorated the signing table up front, the alter at the front of the restaurant, fixed up and place all the center pieces on the tables, decorated the cake table with feathers and made sure every single place had a wedding favour. It was a smooth night and much more relaxed and mellowed out from Saturday's reception. The food was super yummy and it was an early night, dinner finishing around 10pm. Kay and I sat at the table with Rhoda's friends in the back corner and it's too bad we were so far back cos we couldn't see anything that was happening at the head table. But it seemed like they had left a lot of things out cos Jess and B had already done those things like speeches and first dance at their first reception. There wasn't much room in the restaurant to do the first dance tho cos the restaurant was packed with 21 tables! It was a nice reception and good to catch up with everyone and the little boys!

More photos on my flickr account.

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