Friday, August 28, 2009

eBay Addiction, HSG, Nite Market

Wow, what a great day! I received my Oliepops laptop bag, it is so pretty and fits my 17" perfectly and my Prada backpack which I have been eyeing to buy for some time. After work, I met Jas and we stopped by the Louis Vuitton boutique before meeting up with Ben for dinner cos I wanted to purchase my make up bag which I had on hold. I decided I do not want to spend $240 CDN for a hot pink Prada make up bag cos it only costs $170 at Holt Renfrew (altho the pink is no longer available) and to get one, I will need to order it thru Saks Fifth Avenue which will cost $50 more. I decided to forget the Prada and pick up a Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessories priced at $250 instead cos I had a $50 gift card which means I paid a total of $230 which meas it's cheaper than the Prada! =) After LV, we headed over to Hamilton Street Grill with Ben to have a meal under $20. It's nice to see options for meals under $20 and we had a coupon for 1 dinner free so it ended up coming up to $20 each including dessert and tip. Once the food settled in, we decided to drive over to the Richmond nite market for dragon beard candy plus Ben and I hadn't done the nitemarket once this summer and it's our tradition to go and get dragon beard candy. I did pretty good and did not buy anything (esp junk) except for 2 Hello Kitty folders which are just too cute to pass up. An hour later and with the crowd becoming larger, we decided to call it a nite. It was a fun evening and good to catch up with Ben, we will do it again real soon (hopefully) on the next HSG special!

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swtazndream said...

we have a prada backpack sitting around not used...shoulda said something!!!