Saturday, August 22, 2009

First BBQ of the Summer

Gosh, was I ever excited about throwing my first BBQ! We headed over to Canadian Tire to pick up a Centrol BBQ tool set (really nice looking stainless set on sale at half price plus it comes in it's own steel carrying case!) and a Coleman RoadTrip BBQ carrying case cos we will need it once we store the BBQ in the garage to avoid dust and cobwebs. Mmmm....BBQ'ing is so good and the grill makes everything taste BETTER! We grilled burgers, steak, corn, potatoes and I made a caesar salad with our homemade dressing. So much food but so worth it. The bbq'ing isn't that hard and it can be quite fun but the cleaning is not and with all the grease to be wiped off and food stuck on the grill, it's gonna take a little bit of muscle to clean the BBQ. It's worth it tho cos this is the best way to cook and eat your meal. I wanted to take photos but I was too busy managing the grill and the kitchen at the same time. Kay tried to help a bit by slicing the cheddar cheese but she had a headache from going to bed late and waking up early so she wasn't THAT much help. But it all turned out and was very yummy! We had lots of potatoes and corn leftover so we decided to drive out to Richmond to drop them off to my dad and also to visit cos we hadn't seen him since he came back from the Alaskan cruise. But when we arrived, my brother wanted to head over to Best Buy for some blu ray movies so we went with him, I picked up something for HonHon, The Simpsons, Season 12 with a limited edition case and the new Black Eyed Peas CD "The E.N.D." (The Energy Never Dies). Before heading back to the apartment, we stopped by Qoola in Aberdeen Centre to grab dessert, mmmm.... the frozen chocolate yogurt tastes like chocolate ice cream! It is so tasty! My two toppings were marionberry sauce with mango, a delish combination! We stayed with my dad for a few hours, chatting about his trip, looking over his photos and discussing his "maybe" upcoming trip to Hong Kong. It's always nice to just to chill with family plus what a treat to have spent the entire day with Kay :)

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