Friday, August 14, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Tonite, I watched The Time Traveler's Wife with Jas at Tinseltown. Wow, it was a beautiful story and when I first read this book in 2003, I wondered if they could turn this into a movie and if so, how and who would play Clare and Henry. The movie was beautiful and I love the chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana as Clare and Henry. The movie did not disappoint and even though the novel is so much better, this movie did a pretty good job within the 2 hour timeline. I also enjoyed how the movie ended, it is def a must see!! After the movie, we decided to hit Joey's for some food, the Joey's on Broadway/Granville was super busy like every other restaurant in Vancouver at that hour, so we sat in the lounge until our table was ready, lucky for us, it only took 10 minutes. The menu didn't seem all that interesting to me and I am kind of tired of their menu plus I didn't like that they did not offer a whole wheat substitute for their sandwiches/burgers (altho they just recently added brown rice as a sub). I will def have to reconsider heading over there the next time we think about Joey's. Of course, I ended up ordering a dessert which I shouldn't have but couldn't help cos Kay was not around to stop me. I didn't eat the entire apple pie saving 1/2 for Kay but since she is not home, it will probably end up in my tummy tomorrow afternoon. After our meal, we headed over to valet to pick up my car cos Jas insisted on valet as it only costs $5 which is pretty cheap plus we didn't want to drive around this busy area looking for parking, it would have been pretty difficult finding parking in this area. Joey's valet offered vacuuming and by gosh, it was awesome. He did a really great job and I told Jas to be sure to tip him good! Apparently, everyone gives that reaction, this is the best $5 we'd spent on cleaning the car!! Next time I need to vacuum the car, I'm def heading over to Joey's for lunch =) It was a great nite and I'm so glad Jas could come out so we could catch up!

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