Monday, August 17, 2009

Toshiba Laptop

This afternoon, I headed over to Richmond to pick up my new Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop (RT908C) cos we need an upgrade plus I got it at a really GOOD DEAL, $750 my price retail $1899. Our PC had been dead for about a week, my mom's IT guy took a look at it and said it needed a new power supply plus he fixed the noisy fan which is great. The part and labour total cost was $80. But I decided I wanted an upgrade cos my Acer netbook was not that useful for me. I had picked up an Acer netbook thinking it would do what I needed it for which is surfing and email but I realize that I need it my PC for more than that and I wanted a laptop to fit my PC needs. This Toshiba is perfect! Kay is now getting the netbook for surfing and messaging and the desktop is for photo editing, school work or research and music. I think we might need to replace the speakers though cos our speakers are no longer working. Those speakers are about 13 years old so they've lasted quite a long time! Can't wait to use my Toshiba laptop!!!

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