Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a day.....

This morning, I was late picking up my mom & grandma from the airport because I didn't calculate the time it would take for me to go to my father's to borrow his Volvo. My little Beetle cannot hold 4 pieces of luggage esp. 4 LARGE pieces. My grandma looked really really tired and drained from the flight. As I lugged the suitcases into the car, my mom & grandma had to squish into the backseat of the car. As soon as we got back, my grandma didn't even look at her plants, whoosh, lucky me. I think she was just happy to be home. My mom said that grandma has been homesick for a couple of weeks and was looking forward to getting on the plane back to Vancouver. I think this is the last trip my grandma made to HK. She's getting much too old to fly. My grandma went straight to bed for a nap when we made it home. I helped my mom unpack and put all her new goodies away. Gosh, did she bring back A LOT of stuff! Kay and I got three bags full of goodies.

Kay's Stuff
  • 4 pairs of jeans
  • lots of funky socks and undies
  • candy, candy and more candy
  • 5 long sleeve shirts


  • Nestle 3 in 1 (the ones you can only get in Asia, soooo yummy!)
  • Tempo Menthol Tissues (yes, it's a strange request but we can't get menthol tissue paper here)
  • XO Sauce
  • a cute mug with a lid
  • cute pink girlie short sleeve sweater
  • a sparkly with flower cut outs in the sleeves / front scoop neck black top
  • a velvet brown tankie (but this does not fit me, it's too small)
  • a cream faux fur hooded sweater
  • black currant soft candy chewables
  • a Coach Purse (from my grandma!)

Yes, that is a bag of Tempo Tissues and Nestle 3 in 1. Kay was kind enough to model my new Coach Purse. Gosh, aren't we are lucky? My mom and grandma brought back a few tailored coats and dress pants. Really nice, the next time I head over to Asia, I will be sure to see a tailor and custom a wool coat and pants. My mom went back for a long wool coat, it's beautiful and so light. Tailoring very nice and at a reasonable price. Including material and labour, about $100 CAD. My mom picked up a few items for my brother, a HUGO wallet, Disel Leather Belt, a Goose Down Beige Jacket and Daviddoff Cigarettes - Special Edition.

Next up, check the cars in the garage. My grandma's Toyota started up with no problem but my mom's Supra did not. Not even when we tried to jump start it. She will have to call BCAA tomorrow and get them to jump it. Hopefully, it's only the battery and not the alternator. Apparently, VC had a problem with his car yesterday. While he was driving down 99 or 91, the car stopped. Just stopped in the middle of the highway, boy was he pissed. Apparently, it was his alternator. Poor guy!

After helping my mom settle in, I had to leave because I still had to go back to Richmond to get my car. It must have been a very tiring day because when I started the car, put the gear in reverse, I forgot to step on the clutch. YES, I DID. What the hell was I doing? OMG. What an idiot I am. When I figure out what I did, I must have been so pissed at myself that I didn't notice the island as I was backing out and scraped the bottom of my car!!! OMG. I am so glad to be home.....

What did Kay do today? She went to H's birthday party today and she took pictures with her digital cam. Pretty good photos for a first time user. Wanna see more? Click her for Birthday Pics.


psychorich said...

Is that a real Coach?

Kami said...

WAIT A MINUTE. WHere is my COach bag? And where is my chocolate? GAH!!!!

rae-rae said...

LOL at the basket of tissues and coffee! That supply of tissue should last you awhile too! I may have to blow my nose on one to see what you're talking about!
Funky "Coach" purse.