Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jasmine's Birthday

Tonight we celebrated Jasmine's 30th birthday! We decided on having appetizers at her new condo and dinner at West Restaurant and Bar (heard great reviews on this place, was not disappointed). This week is Dine Out Vancouver week and all the hottest restaurants in Vancouver features a dine out (a preview) of their menu at a reasonable price. We had a chance to sample the fine cuisine at the West on Granville at $35.00 a person! Normally, an entree would cost at least $40.00 a plate. It was delicious and so nice to be treated like a valued client :) We really enjoyed ourselves, the food, the environment, the wine, and the people. I enjoyed the dining experience so much that I think this is the place I want to go for our Valentine's dinner date (in April because R will be returning to Vancouver sometime then). The bathroom, wow, it was like being in a fancy hotel, they had the most beautiful orchid in the washroom and the liquid soap is imported from France (the fragrance was amazing!). I had to take a photo:

Our night began with appetizers at her beautiful new condo. The condo and the decor looks very different from her last place, it seems that her tastes have matured a little ;) A really nice place to entertain, her kitchen is awesome and the layout is really nice although the view from the living room is not that pleasing (Cobalt Hotel is the view). But it's definitely a really nice condo. The condo has painted concrete floors (which I looooove), granite/marble kitchen, stainless steel appliances, windows in the bedroom, just beautiful. I brought over some red wine, we sat on her new couch to catch up and enjoy the appetizers. Mike had the hockey game (Canucks Final 6-2) and the International Super Featherweight Title match between Morales and Pacquiao on TV, the fighting match was quite exciting and we were debating on our dinner reservations. No worries, we made it to dinner, reservations were at 9:30pm (we couldn't get anything earlier for 4 people) so we knew better to have appetizers or we would be starving and the entrees tend to be quite small and rich. Vince and Meryl were late in arriving because they picked up a beautiful chocolate cake for Jasmine. They both looked really nice and well put together, I have never seen Vince dressed up for dinner. He normally walks around in wrinkled shirts and casual pants, he can be quite nice looking when he doesn't dress like a bum ;) We decided to open her gift (from me) and make the first slice in her birthday cake before we left for dinner, Jasmine loved my gift! I did include a gift receipt just in case she wanted to exchange it for something else but she loves the gift. I'm so glad :)

For more birthday photos, please click HERE - Part I and HERE - Part II.

I decided to take photos of our dinners because I thought they were put together so nicely. I also wanted to post them for R because he missed out on a fantastic night. I am including photos of my dinner:

For more West Photos, please click HERE.

It was a wonderful night and was so nice to catch up with everyone. I'm so happy to see Jasmine so happy :) Much love to her and Mikey. And I must give a big huge thank-you to Mike for his hospitality and the invitation to their home on Super Bowl Sunday.


psychorich said...

Nice pics! The food looks very yummy too.

Kami said...

WOW! Looks like a great place!