Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Blues

I have the mid week blues..... I could not fall asleep last night even after the call I made to R. We spoke for about 40 minutes and I figured after speaking to him, I could fall asleep. Boy I was wrong. I think it's the rain. It's been raining 24 days straight in Vancity, thinking Vancity will beat a record.
As we enter our 24th straight day in a row with rain in Vancouver we will see only a few scattered showers on Wednesday. On Thursday, a warm front associated with another strong Pacific storm will sweep across the area bringing another soaking of rain starting during the afternoon and continuing until early on Friday morning. A few lingering showers will remain on Friday and Saturday. Rain is likely again late on Sunday and then possibly another big soaker again on Monday when we likely hit our 29th straight day of precipitation to break our old record set in 1953. The long range GFS model is now indicating that we would have to wait until at least the middle of next week for some of that winter-like weather that we have been predicting.

(quote taken from Vancouver Weather Page)

Gosh, it's no wonder people in the office are getting sick. Working downtown means you are close to the ocean and their high winds which can be quite strong, blowing through the office buildings. You walk out of the (crank heat to high) building and into the brrrreeeezzzing cold! Some bus drivers crank their heat up on the bus to Caribbean Hot and I for one, am bundled up in my wool coat, cashmere scarf and gloves (sometimes a hat) making me hit a hot spell while riding the bus home. Ugh... maybe I am coming down with something?


Kami said...

ICK! We need some rain!

continuitygirl said...

Gee, I hatethe rain, especially first thing in the morning, I can't imagine 28 days straight though.

psychorich said...

Yuck. That sucks.
20 degrees where I am at. Hehe...