Sunday, January 15, 2006


Chinatown, TWO DAYS IN A ROW, yesterday while in Chinatown, Mom & I left something behind. A box of instant noodles, by the time we realized we had forgotten it, Chinatown was already closing down for the night. Stores normally close around 6.00pm and we got home around 5.30pm. Plus, I couldn't drive back out there, Kay had plans to be at C's around 6ish. Luckily, the store recognized us today and returned the instant noodles, Mom was quite happy. We also had to exchange the electric water pot as the one she bought yesterday, had scratches and dents inside the container. Mom didn't take a close look at it before picking it up. You have to look over such things because in a Chinese store, when you buy, you own, no refunds, and exchange only within 7 days. Luckily, these guys didn't want to mess with Mom so they allowed her to exchange the item without a fuss. After Chinatown, we headed over to T&T Supermarket, and Superstore to pick up more food, yes MORE FOOD, because Mom was going to have hotpot for dinner. Last year in Alaska, Mom picked up a little hot pot and she wanted to test it out. We picked up seafood, vegetables, tofu, and all the yummy stuff for hotpot. I looooove hotpot, was so excited! But you can't have hotpot with only 3 people especially with Grandma (she doesn't eat very much) so Mom invited Auntie Ingrid over for dinner. Ok, by the time, we washed and cut up all the items, we realized the hotpot was a very slow soup cooker. We started around 6.30ish and I had to leave around 8ish to pick up Kay. Not impressed, Mom now thinks she needs to get a new one. I think so too. She did get this hotpot for free so no loss there except that I had to wait soooo long for food..... but it was yummy when I got a chance to eat something! I think I will look into buying a hotpot too. I love hotpot and so healthy! No carbs, just meat, seafood and veggies in a soup base :)

PS One more day of sunshine, woohoo! I can't believe we got two days of sun!

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