Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This afternoon, I had an appointment to see my Dad's financial advisor about my mutal funds. I have been quite nervous about requesting a withdraw from my mutfuds. I know it's MY MONEY but the fin advisor is a really good friend of my Dad. When I told her how much I wanted, her jaw dropped and her eyes had this lost look. Oops, yes I know it seems like a lot but I promised her I would put the money back soon. Well not soon but I will eventually put the money back into that account. Because I don't have an account at HSBC (I closed it many years ago), I now have to wait a week before I can see the $$. She is going to issue me a draft because they can't deposit the $$ into my RBC account. Well, I'm glad this is over with. Now, I can pay off some of my debts and have a little bit of money in my account so I don't have to worry about overdrafting.

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